The Services

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Working with partners Digital Synergy aims to specialize in the provision of I.T Consultancy, Governance and implementation services.  Our consultants, technical and solution architects work with customers to optimise or design I.T solutions that help maximize the investment in technology, achieve business goals and reduce costs.

Our philosophy of ‘Digital Freedom’ has been conceived and developed to transform and transition organisations to a state where they are able to incorporate technology as a enabler providing flexible on demand access to data and systems through structured building blocks that are repeatable and cost effective.

Digital Freedom is intended to be an evolutionary journey that will enable the business to access, share and protect data whilst enabling collaboration, mobility and support in the way that best meets staff, partner, supplier and customer needs.



No two organisations view of Digital Freedom will necessarily be the same, but through our solutions we aim to:

  •  removal of the need to focus on technical product selection and management
  •  security assurance
  •  reduced costs
  •  Increase stability and availability
  •  Increase resilience and business continuity
  • Provide true any time, anywhere and from any device access

Through the consultative process, the steps will be outlined that bridge the gap between the current state and Digital Freedom.