Business Consultancy

Our business analysts work with key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the long term goals and objectives of the business and review these against any business strategy.  From these meetings a gap analysis report and technical roadmap are created outlining the changes required to achieve the business objectives.

Solution Design


The Digital Synergy Technology Roadmap outlines the IT Infrastructure plans that are aligned to and underpin customer’s short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals.  The solutions outlined support and comply with the overall business Strategy and requirements.

Internet Connectivity

The connectivity assessment will cover internal and external network connectivity to ensure it meets performance, capacity requirements.  All network infrastructure will be resilient, load balanced with no single point of failure to ensure effective access to data and systems.

Hosted Exchange & Cloud services


With the right connectivity it will be possible to move infrastructure such as servers, Application and storage off-site and into a public or private cloud environment. With a cloud model, infrastructure, storage, software and security is delivered ‘on demand’.



Virtualising computer, storage, networks, applications and the user environment maximizes efficiency, scalability, resilience and provides ease of configuration and support.

Endpoint management


The ideal is to support access via any connected device.  Endpoint choice in any given situation will however depend on the constraints on the application and user experience. To support this model, endpoint device management (EDM) solutions will provide the client device management. EDM will allow for a cost effective and efficient support, security and application delivery model.